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Terms and Conditions of Use

This agreement outlines some of the terms of your use of MyHarbour Vessels and the booking terms for Boat Hire and Training.

Hire Drivers: The Customer is responsible for ensuring only those drivers that appear on the agreement paperwork are permitted to drive the vessel. All drivers must attend the safety and operations briefing and must hold a current boat licence. The licence details must be recorded on the agreement paperwork.

Regulations: The Customer and all drivers must comply with the relevant marine regulations at all times and they are personally liable for any infringements of these regulations.

Hire Limits: The boat is to be operated in daylight hours only unless a Night Operations statutory declaration signed by MyHarbour and the Customer is in place. The boat is not to be used to cross coastal bars unless a Coastal Bar Operations statutory declaration signed by MyHarbour and the Customer is in place. You must familiarise yourself with the offshore limits of your Vessel.

Hire Weather: You are responsible for monitoring the changing weather, sea conditions and forecasts. Vessels are not to be operated in non-sheltered (Class C Open Waters) if the wind exceeds 20 knots or waves exceed 2 metres.

Hire Fuel: The hire vessel is provided full of fuel. We will refuel the vessel at the end of the day and charge you for that fuel at cost. If you tow the vessel yourself you must return the vessel full of fuel. Only unleaded (91, 95 or 98) fuel is to be used. Any other fuel will be drained and refilled at the Customer's cost.

Timeliness: Late arrivals and returns are not acceptable and will incur a penalty payment of $100 per hour (or part thereof) in the case of boat hire and will forfiet their course booking in the case of training courses. It is the Customer's responsibility to leave adequate time to arrive by the agreed start time and, in the case of boat hire, to leave adequate time for the return journey.

Hire Boat Damage: The costs to make good any damage to the boat or equipment beyond fair wear and tear will be deducted from the bond or charged to the Customer's credit card along with a $100 administration fee.

Safety: All mandatory safety equipment is aboard the vessel. The Customer must ensure children under 12 wear suitable life jackets at all times when operating the vessel - MyHarbour will provide those jackets at no charge on request.

Emergencies: Marine radios and mobile phones can be used to alert the authorities to any emergencies and to summon assistance. All mandatory safety equipment is aboard the vessel and the Customer and all drivers will have been shown where it is located during the briefing. Laminated reminders are located in the vessel's glove box to aid you with action plans and equipment location. Call Marine Rescue Sydney on VHF Channel 16, 27Mhz Channel 88 or 02-9450-2468 or Emergency Services on 000 in case of emergencies.

Fees: At the time of booking the full fees are taken. A day or two before your boat hire a security bond of $1000 and the balance of the charges is taken. Within 48 hours of your return the bond, less fuel used at cost and any damages, will be refunded to your card.  Late arrival and late return fees will be charged to your card. You will receive an email breakdown of the charges.

MyHarbour Postponement: MyHarbour may postpone your hire or on-water training course if the conditions (wave height and/or wind speed) exceed our operational limits. We will retain your payments and you may re-book to a date within 3 months of your original booking date. If you fail to rebook to a date that is within 3 months of your original booking date you will forfeit your payment.

Customer Postponement: We consider boating is an outdoor activity and thus it is expected that you will endure a certain amount of wind, cloud and rain showers. We do not permit postponements due to inclement weather. If, on the morning of your training course or boat hire, it is clear that heavy rain is forecast we will allow a postponement. In either case, we will retain your payment and you may re-book to a date within 3 months of your original booking date.

Customer Cancellation: If you need to cancel (not postpone) your booking prior to your trip you will forfeit your payment.

Liability & Risk: The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the use and operation of this vessel, including for the purposes of training, water skiing, swimming, towing a tube, and other such like activities, is subject to inherent risks and dangers. The Customer accepts those risks and agrees to indemnify the Owner of the Vessel for any losses suffered by the Customer, any passengers or any third parties as a result of the materialization of those risks and dangers. The Customer also undertakes to advise all passengers of the risks and dangers associated with the use and operation of the vessel prior to boarding.

Indemnity: The Customer indemnifies Sydney Hire boats TA MyHarbour of any incident, loss or damage to The Equipment, any third-party person or property during the period of the trip and acknowledges that they will not be covered by any of MyHarbour’s insurance if found negligent or irresponsible whilst The Equipment is under their control.


The Customer: the person making the booking, taking the training course or acting as the skipper of the hire boat
The Owner: Sydney Hire Boat TA MyHarbour
The Equipment: the hire boat, training boat or related equipment or gear
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