Boat Club
A new way of boating for regular repeat hirers. Lower cost, priority bookings and extras.
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For a long while, we have wanted to offer our regular hirers a something extra for their ongoing business.

We now have a ‘Boat Club Membership’ which offers a great price for our more regular hirers. We also bundle in a few extras (details below) and have more in the works.

This has to be the most cost-effective way to get out on the water every month.

MyHarbour Boat Club
In each membership level you get a number of hires, one to be taken each month. You can start your membership in any month you choose.

Your monthly hires can be taken during the day, or overnight.

Just like normal hires, fuel is charged on top at cost and you are welcome to either meet us at one of the ramps or take the boat on the trailer.

Extra days can be booked at the same discounted daily rate as your Club membership hires cost (17% discount for Club6 and 25% discount for Club12)

The hires are on a use-it or lose-it basis, however you can roll a hire forward or backward by one month for an additional fee of $75 (Club6) or $110 (Club12) but of course these fees don’t apply if you use your hires in the designated month.

Which club is right for you?
Club 12
Club12 costs $3995 for the Bow Rider and $4455 for the Centre Console. This represents a 25% saving. In Club12 you get 12 hires over a 12 month period.
Club 6
Club6 costs $2225 for the Bow Rider and $2475 for the Centre Console. This represents a 17% saving. In Club6 you get 6 hires to use over a 6 month period.
Extras include:
  • the free use of a piece of water-sport gear
  • the use of the diver support gear kit
  • the use of two rods or the use of a cray pot

When you buy your Club membership you are offered an optional 2-hour refresher course for you and a crewmate to polish your boat handling skills.

You also get a free night operations course for you and a crewmate if you are considering the use of the boat at night.
FAQ About Licence Courses
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