Swim Support 
Information and booking details for your swim support boat and skipper
Please don't book here unless we have discussed the booking on the phone, by email, or by txt, and agreed to proceed with your event together.
What To Expect
  • We will provide a boat and a qualified skipper for your event
  • We will attend any skipper briefings for your event
  • We will ensure that the boat is on the water at the agreed meet point at the agreed time
  • The skipper will manage the boat and the safety of the boat and crew
  • You will provide at least one swimmer support crew member who will manage the swimmer and their safety
  • You may also provide a support kayaker depending on event rules

Please call or message with any questions or clarifications before booking.
Please read the FAQ below so you understand how we run and charge for these events.
Book here 
Select the date of your event and follow the prompts
What if the event is postponed
We will endeavour to accommodate changes in dates due to bad weather.

If a boat or skipper are not available on the rescheduled date then a refund of 50% of these initial fees will be paid
Who makes the call to pull out
The call to pull out is made by the skipper of the boat for weather or vessel and crew safety reasons

The swimmer support person makes the call to pull out on behalf of (and possibly after discussion with) the swimmer. Think of the swimmer support person as the swimmer representative on the boat. 
How are skipper hours calculated
Skipper hours start when the boat goes on the water at the boat ramp at the agreed time and stop when it is back off the water.

It will include the time spent reuniting the skipper and boat with the trailer after the swimmer and support crew has gone ashore at the end of the event.
How is fuel handled
Fuel is charged at cost. We start the day with a full tank and the skipper will refuel the boat at the servo after it is recovered onto the trailer. You will be charged for the fuel used at cost - IE what the bowser says. 
What if the swimmer is slow and at the back of the pack
If we can complete the swim safely and within the event rules then we will stay out on the water as long as the swimmer and their support team wants us to.

Our boats are equipped for night use so returning after dark is not a problem.
Why do you mention Uber fees
If we can save skipper hours and fuel by bringing the boat back to a different ramp closer to the end of the swim and then use Uber to go and grab our trailer we will do so.

This will only be done if the end cost to you is going to be less. Often wind direction on the day will dictate whether this will help. It is common on swims like the Palm Beach to Manly but unlikely on swims like Bondi to Watsons Bay
What if I cancel my participation in the event
If we can rebook the boat and the skipper we will refund the boat hire and the skipper fees.

If we cannot rebook the boat we will not refund the boat hire fees

If we cannot rebook the skipper we will refund 50% of the skipper fees
Which events do you support
Right now we support swimmers in the the Palm to Shelly swim and the South Head Roughwater swim from Bondi to Watsons Bay